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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy of this museum

1. Define the following plans about the "personal information" brought near by this museum from an appreciation person or an exhibition holding person.

2. Use the E-mail which is used very daily and which is not enciphered for an informational exchange. The "personal information" which needs advanced security shall not be exchanged by the E-mail which is not enciphered.

In addition, "personal information" is information which can specify individuals, such as a name, a mail address, a telephone number, and the address.

3. As long as it manages appropriately and there is no special reason, the "personal information" brought near by this museum except for the following does not have consent of an appreciation person or an exhibition holding person, and do not disclose and offer it at a third person except below mentioned case.

This museum may contract the option service which prints and keeps the E-mail from an appreciation person, and is mailed to the exhibition holding person at once in half a year for the exhibition holding person who does not have an E-mail rarely.

4. Since all creation of a web page is performed in this museum, don't commission work outside. Therefore, personal information cannot flow out by this kind of route.

5.This museum is linked to the external site from the "Art Links" page. However, "personal information" is not shared with those sites. Moreover, this privacy policy is not applied to those external sites.

6. Since the exchange of an E-mail with exhibition holding persons other than this museum superintendent and an appreciation person is performed without this museum except for the above 3, this museum cannot know the contents. Therefore, this privacy policy shall not be applied about this.

7. In this site, access logs are recorded automatically. The time of access, the browser name of use, OS name, a monitor's resolution, the used provider name, and the address of the linked site, etc. are contained in logs. The logs measured statistically are used for the site design improvement for a more comfortable walk in this Web museum etc.

Automatic record of logs is carrying out the service contract with search engine Infoseek Japan. In addition, "personal information" on a place here is not recorded on these logs.

As of Aug. 2, 2003

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